General Fire Suppression

Castle Fire are leading independant experts in supply, installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment throughout the United Kingdom.

Fire suppression is an all-in-one system. When it's sensors detect a fire, it automatically releases the appropriate extinguishing material. It does not require a person to hear an alarm or take action. Suppression systems reduce the time from ignition to fire fighting, and so reduce the consequent loss and damage.

FiretraceCastle Fire are authorised distributors of Firetrace and FM-200, Argonite & Carbon Dioxide suppression systems. Firetrace is an automatic self seeking fire extinguisher, which can put out fires when they start by means of a flexible fire detection and delivery tube. The tube itself is manufactured from specially produced polymer materials so that it avhieved the desired detection and delivery characteristics. A Firetrace system does not rely on detecting a fire at a single point but at any place along the tubes length.

Examples of Firetrace usage include:
  • Electronics
  • Escalators & Motor Rooms
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Boats
  • Switch Gear/Process Control
  • Cabinets

Argonite CO2Gas Integrity TestingArgonite, carbon dioxide and FM-200 systems are all gaseous fire extinguishing/fire suppression systems. These types of system can give you extra peace of mind where your building may contain mission critical data storage, valuable items, artwork, expensive electrical systems such as financial systems and vital communications rooms. If a fire is detected by the system, gas is discharged throughout the protected area, extinguishing the fire and causing the minimum amount of damage to the contents of the room in a matter of seconds. All that is then required to make the area reusable is to fully ventilated and the cylinders need to be refilled.

These kinds of systems using clean agents are non-conductive, so are safe to use with critical electrical systems. Along with the fact that no residue is left behind, it ensures that no clean-up is required.

Before installing any gas-based system, we can carry out room integrity testing to check that the area to be covered can contain the gas.

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