Listec® Linear Fire Protection

Castle Fire are fully qualified and authorised to install Listec® Linear Fire Protection Systems throughout the United Kingdom.

What Is the LIST® Sensor System?Listec Logo Listec

Listec® supply the LIST® (LInear Sense of Temperature) Sensor Cable System that can be utilised in a variety of ways in many of different environemnts. It can be used to not only detect fires within its installations, but to monitor the environment that it is protecting. The intelligent LIST® sensor cable system can be used within industry, building that have special demands, for conveying systems and can be even be used in traffic tunnels.

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The sensor cable itself is hermetically sealed which is highly sensitive and resistant to environmental influences. This allows it to be used within so many varied applications.

Examples of applications:
  • Conveyors of any materials.
  • Covers any type of tunnel (whether it's usage is for cabling, vehicles or pedestrians).
  • Provides frost & fire warnings.
  • Covers switch rooms/plant rooms.
  • Provides suppression control.
  • Temperature control monitoring for various environments and many other applications.

These can be tailored to suit your particular needs. Features of the LIST® Sensor System are:

  • There are different sensor cable types available with their attendant control units. The choice of which is entirely dependant on your needs.
  • There is a special visualisation for all of the systems.
  • The entire LIST-system is part of a complex security concept for early fire detection.
  • There are many possibilities for it to be tied in with other applications.
  • For more information on the specifications of the Listec® systems, check out the Cables Britain web site by clicking here.

Listec ProductsFor a more detailed information on the main components and their specifications, please click on one of the following component names below:

SEC15 d-LIST Sensor Cable
SCU 800 d-LIST Control Unit
LIST® Controller

With there being so many different applications that the LIST® sensor cable system can be applied to, call Castle Fire on (01539) 722500 or e-mail so that we can design a system to suit your needs.

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