Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting

Castle Fire are leading independant experts in the supply, installation and maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment throughout the United Kingdom.

Fire AlarmsBreak Glass Panel

A fire alarm system helps to reduce the time between the start of the fire and the start of the evacuation and fire fighting. All our installations meet the BS 5839 standard for fire alarms.

There is a huge range of fire alarm systems from dedicated supervised loop systems to Wi-Fi technologies, and each site has its own requirements. Factors we consider include:

  • The type of fire risk - this will determine the type of detector that we install.
  • The type and size of building.
  • The use of the building.
  • Where to locate:
    • the central control panel.
    • detectors.
    • manual call points
    • audible warnings.
  • Do you want a remote monitoring system?
  • Do you want a virtual panel service?
  • Do you want air sampling systems?
  • The risk of false alarms.
  • And local fire regulations.


We keep right up-to-date with new developments in fire alarm technology and legislation. We can maintain and adapt your existing fire alarm system with a tailored service package that exactly suits your requirements and budget.


Emergency LightingEmergency Lighting

Emergency lighting systems enable the occupants of a building to evacuate safely and calmly using clearly marked escape routes. All our installations meet the British Standard BS-5266 for emergency lighting.

There are many options when fitting emergency lighting systems. Each site has its own uniqure requirements. The factors we must include are:

  • the type and size of the building
  • the use of the building
  • the number of people who use the building
  • how familiar people are with the layout of the building
  • the escape routes from the building and the potential hazards on those routes
  • where people will gather safely when they have left the buildin.
  • where to locate the lights and battery units
  • the additional signage required
  • your preference - you can choose from a range of fittings to suit the decor of the building

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